Wild Geese Group

A Malaysian owned, PETRONAS licensed and Industry endorsed company with a proven track record, WGG has established itself as a credible, cost effective ER support capable company.

Successfully integrating the OPITO standards into their ERSC1 facility, with more than a decade of Emergency & Crisis management experience in training, assessment and consultation in Malaysia to the Oil & Gas Industry.

WGG business model is seen by others as a model to use. As the industry continues in 2016 to change under the new commercial environment we have found ourselves in, the WGG ERSC concept is seen as a real outsource option to maintain standards whilst staying within moving budgets.

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Located in Kuala Lumpur, (within walking distance of the twin towers) Malaysia since 2004, the “Wild Geese Group” formally known as Command Solutions, has established and maintained themselves as a leader at all levels of Emergency Response & Management using the principles & techniques of the Incident Command System (ICS).

Their clientele are primarily from the Oil & Gas Sector and engage Wild Geese for training and services based on a tiered system of deliverables;

  • Bronze Service - Backup Operation Response
  • Silver Service - Consultancy(Strategic Support)
  • Gold Service – Consultancy, Training, Assessment(Strategic - Tactical Support)
  • Platinum Service – Consultancy, Training, Assessment & Operational Response(Strategic - Tactical - Support)

Wild Geese has a long line pedigree and proven track record in not only unique and effective training but award winning innovation in pioneering products widely used by operators worldwide in strategic support, extending into their bespoke training programs conducted at clients sites offshore, and now evolving into operational response support through the ERSC concept.

Leading from the front has been in the DNA of Wild Geese since their days in uniform, and they continue to demonstrate and transfer the same approach into the Oil and Gas Sector.




The Wild Geese Group is pleased to announce the development of the “Wild Geese Marine and Engineering Department”. What with the existing Wild Geese portfolio of expertise; which is considered second to none, the investment in developing the company further to offer a ‘fuller service’ to our clients is indicative of our commitment to providing an exemplary service to our new and existing partners. The Wild Geese Marine and Engineering department, has brought together a true and valued amount of experience, but more so, an overwhelming commitment to be the very best in class. We are delighted to pursue new avenues and work streams, but more so, we are dedicated to achieve our goal for which is excellence.

Our Services include but are not limited to the following.
• Project Management for offshore installations, transportations on and offshore FEED and pre FEED studies.
• Vessel surveys including on/off hire, suitability and FMV (fair market value)
• MCI (marine casualty investigation)
• Loss Adjusting
• General T&I (transport and installation)
• Navigation studies, to include pilotage plans and sea trials/ procedures.

Wild Geese Group is pleased to introduce DEE Asia. A company partly owned, specializing in Flexible Offshore Pipe.




Recent Activities

OPITO visit to ERSC1

It was great to have a visit from OPITO David Doig CEO & Graham Gall MD straight after our first anniversary so we could show them the phase 2 ERSC facility upgrades and discuss the EMT program outline




January 2016

(Special Address to government Representative, PETRONAS, Malaysian Armed Forces, MMEA, PIMMAG and all the CMT)

Firstly let me say thank you for all joining us today on this special occasion for us, our first anniversary of the ERSC & Terengganu Safety Training Center Annex.

I would like to start our event with some reflection on what Wild Geese Group has achieved since we commissioned the ERSC on the 9th of January 2015.

]2015 has been a year that has seen some navigational changes towards south in our industry and like many in the industry our focus changed from advancing to simply surviving. However through all the settling dust, we made some subtle changes in how we conducted our business, innovation, collaboration and by setting new measurable indicators Wild Geese was at the end of the day able to achieve the following.

• OPITO accreditation here at the ERSC in OIM C/E & MEMIR
• setup and achieved OIM & MEMIR joint OPITO accreditation in Kazakhstan, Indonesia & Thailand through our alliance partnerships in total seven (7) accreditations in four (4) countries outside of Malaysia (anyone that is familiar with the OPITO accreditation & auditing process will appreciate that is quite an undertaking)
• we took our customized CEO offshore ER observation program to, Indonesia, Gabon, Abidjan & India
• we obtained our PETRONAS license in three (3) SWEC code disciplines
• we achieved our HRDF recognition
• we lodged as a BUMI company a major step in our Malaysianization vision
• development of the first onshore EMT training & appraisal program for industry
• setup a special purpose business unit to focus on Marine Engineering
• supported DEE Asia in the provision of a flexible offshore pipework option to industry
• Virtuous relation with government agencies in Emergency Management especially PETRONAS, MMEA, RMN and PIMMAG. In near future, the relation will be stronger where a possible collaboration to enhance WGG services.

We are pleased to have expanded our ERSC to include the west wing, which is home to;

• a dedicated Oil Spill Response Room
• Operations & Planning Section Situational Awareness Rooms
• Duty Managers night cabin
• fully serviced break out room
• dedicated Crisis Management (BCU) room
• Relative Response Team room
• Contractor room
• large briefing room come class room

In addition to the main ERSC we also commissioned our back-up ERSC, ERSC2 located at Plaza Lim Foo Yong (approximately 120mts south of here on Jalan Raja Chulan. ERSC2 houses a further two (2) ECC and admin support room.

Whilst all these activities were taking place we managed to maintain our training commitments to our clients. All this would not have been able to be achieved without our people. WGG staff have developed and taken on these new challenges, making us a champion company.

So what is in stall for 2016, though 2016 looks much the same as 2015 with regard to the new commercial & productivities reality of the industry, we believe we are well positioned to offer affordable, professional services in both training and operational response support. Our biggest focus for 2016 is our ongoing efforts to Malaysianize Wild Geese, after more than a decade here in Malaysia it is not only the next step to take but the only step to take in making sure this facility and our deliverables are managed by Malaysians to Malaysians in Malaysia.

Now I would like to hand you over to Mike our Chief Operations Officer…….. Thanks Tim, and welcome ladies and gentlemen thank you for sharing today with us,

The award I have to present pertains to The Cold Eye Observation program as some background; The CEO program is a Wild Geese Group training initiative that we currently conduct not just with our good friends at ExxonMobil here in Malaysia on their fixed platforms but with a range of other companies and facilities worldwide. The program involves us visiting the company’s offshore asset for the purpose of providing mentoring and coaching to the asset’s Emergency Response organisation.

What that primarily involves is holding interactive practical sessions with the key teams and individuals within the organisation such as – Fire Teams, Medical Teams, Helideck Teams, Lifeboat Teams, the ECC Team.

We primarily focus on identifying gaps in training, equipment and knowledge in the sessions, and our goal is to encourage the teams to ultimately realise the importance of their roles, appreciate the importance of training and the need for confidence in the event of any emergency. Our visits typically culminate in the conduct of a whole platform drill, that is managed by the platform staff, but overseen for quality and effectiveness by us.

With ExxonMobil here in Malaysia, the program is now entering its 4th year and other than having had the pleasure of being able to meet and interact with most of the ExxonMobil family, many of whom I have trained in the classroom, I’ve been able to witness first hand, the upslope of knowledge and competency as a direct result of the program.

Recommendations being implemented, and observing real tangible improvements visit to visit. Something that has been very highly rewarding to me. I recently conducted my 30th visit as part of the program with Exxon and I’m pleased to say it was the crew of that platform which I have judged to be the worthy recipient of the Wild Geese Shield.

So to the award itself, the Shield is a recognition of the best ExxonMobil platform observed throughout each calendar year in the Cold Eye program. At the completion of each visit I numerically score performances and observations across a number of criteria such as teamwork, communications, equipment, efficiency and knowledge.

Last year the inaugural winners were the team on TAPIS Romeo and before I announce this year’s winner I will say that the competition was very close with separation between the top 3 platforms in 2015 being within 4 points. However, I am pleased to announce the winner of the 2015 Wild Geese Shield to be JERHEH ALPHA. The PIC at the time of my visit was Jawead but today it’s my pleasure to present the award to……….

Can I now call upon Mr Syed Asman from ExxonMobil to also say a few words…..

The second award we would like to present today is to our Platinum service client Enquest, for the past fifteen (15) mths, Wild Geese has supported EQ with providing operational ER readiness at the ERSC, during that time EQ has successfully brought on line their second asset in Miri.

I would like to ask Bob Davenport to come and receive this award for safe operations and say a few words……




November 2015

Tim Allsop our CEO was invited to present to industry this month at the 2015 OPITO OSCC in Abu Dhabi. The presentation was relating to the requirement and need for an internationally accredited appraisal program for the offsite/onshore Emergency Management Support Team Leader and Team Members (EC & EMT). Tim showed industry heads the program which Wild Geese designed earlier this year was in use by their clients and demonstrated how it was created through the reverse engineering process and a fusion of two existing OPITO MEM courses. The program sparked much interest and now journeys down the path of being accepted by industry. Tim then went on to explain that this gap had been identified by industry at the OPITO 2014 ODF a year ago and that Wild Geese had worked hard to meet both their clients wants and industry needs in this field. Wild Geese has long been identified as a pioneer in designing bespoke tools and programs fit for purpose in the domain of Emergency Management for the Energy Industry.

The remainder of November will see the Wild Geese Team attending their collaboration OPITO site audits in Indonesia & Kazakhstan in MEMIR & OIM C/E, bringing the total of OPITO accreditations this year to seven in five centers across four countries, anyone who understands the OPITO accreditation process will identify that this is quite an achievement.




October 2015

This month has been another busy period for the group, we brought our good part time trainer/assessor Mike Armstrong onboard permanently as our General Manager.

We brought online WGME our special purpose unit specializing in Marine Engineering services.

The group also got involved with DEE Asia with their flexible offshore pipe.

We returned from Gabon for our good clients BW Offshore in the deliverables of our signature Cold Eye Observation program.

We also got the opportunity to showcase our deliverables to the Energy Commission of Malaysia. The end of the month will see us preparing for the OPITO OSCC conference in Abu Dhabi.

The ongoing challenges still exist in maintaining activities and standards during economic lows within the industry. This could be the new norm, smart businesses will already have taken measures to ensure resilience is in place. As we get closer to the end of another year we look forward to new opportunities in 2016.




May 2015

As we enter the half way point of the second quarter 2015, there seems to be no slowing down for us at Wild Geese.

Significant events include -

OPITO accreditation in MEMIR was achieved with our partners Wild Geese Solutions Thailand, congratulations David.

OPITO accreditation in OIM C/E was achieved at our ERSC facility in KL, well done Mike.

OPITO site audit in MEMIR is planned for our partners in at KTS in Kazakhstan, well done Alex.

We have supported our good friends at Samson Tiara in Indonesia under a MOU agreement in setting up their MOME suite for OPITO DTA submission.

Work wise we continue to support Murphy Oil here in Malaysia.

Our Platinum package holders Enquest achieved first oil on their second asset in Malaysia.

We commenced our offshore ER/EM observation program with BW Offshore in the Ivory Coast.

We successfully saw the integration of the Deputy PIC training now being conducted at the ERSC facility.

Mike Armstrong joined the flock as a Senior Trainer & Assessor in ICS.

Rozy Hamid joined the flock as our Corporate Affairs Advisor.




April 2015

As we finished off the end of the first quarter of 2015, there is much to report. We have secured several new clients on Gold and Silver packages, such as KRIS Energy, Murphy Oil (Malaysia), Conoco Philips and BW Offshore, these are great achievements for us.

We have just passed the six months mark with our Platinum package holders, ENQUEST, in our support in ER Operational Readiness, without any incident or interruption.

In addition, we also have won the Best Corporate Service Award at the BrandLaureate, recently. We opened up the second phase of our ERSC concept, with the style to those who know us have come to expect. This expansion was taking place during reduced activities within the industry as we are highly committed in providing a superior service second to none. The additional 5500sqft facility houses a number of new ICS orientated focus rooms. Please take the time to travel on our virtual tour.

We welcomed three new senior instructors in rotational positions within the ERSC concept, into the flock. A total of five new permanent Malaysian employees have flown into the formation, who will bring added value to our flock. Filling positions such as Corporate Affairs, Financial Controller, HSE Executive and Senior Instructors.

We have also started conducting MEM/ICS courses for operators outside of the Oil & Gas Industry, which is exciting and refreshing for us. We settled down now into our nationalisation of WGG and PETRONAS license activities.

It is too early to talk about some of other great activities and opportunities that are in the pipeline, hopefully we can mention them in the next update.

One thing for sure now, as we enter into our second decade, we are securing a very good future here in Malaysia in our fields of service.

“To Be First & Best in Class”




March 2015

Congratulations Wild Geese Group on the winning of Malaysia's BestBrands in Corporate Service Emergency Response and Management of 2014

On March 31, 2015 at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Wild Geese Group Sdn Bhd have been awarded the Best Corporate Service - Emergency Response and Management by the BrandLaureate.

As a registered Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) training provider, we are so honoured and proud to be the first in the region and the best in the class.




January 2015

Opening Speech and Welcoming Note 9th January 2015 - by Tim Allsop

Firstly welcome and allow me to offer my personal thanks to all of you for finding the time to share this occasion with wild geese and me personally, and a special thanks to David for being available to attend as our distinguished friend and guest.

Let me continue by saying that what you are part of today is monumental in the industry and within the region. Globally, this is only the second such ERSC facility, the first being in Aberdeen, Scotland and now ours in KL, Malaysia.

The ERSC concept is quite simple by name, however the task that we have taken on, involves more challenges than some operators may appreciate and it requires a special group of people and a unique style to do it well.

If I can give you some more insight into who Wild Geese is. Our pedigree is a combination of over a hundred years of military experience, sixty years oil and gas industry experience collectively and more importantly during that time the majority of our exposure in both industries has been in command and control positions, (it`s in our DNA) albeit in an operations room environment during conflict or peacetime or in management positions offshore.

In the 11yrs I have been here in Malaysia we have lead from the front and been the pioneer in all facets of MEM (Major Emergency Management) Training, Assessment, Consultancy for operators and support service providers to the Oil & Gas Industry, during that time we have embraced the change for the better in establishment of standards and competency of the workforce.

For example we were involved in one way or another in setting up all the Malaysian OPITO accredited MOME suites through our alliance partners and colleagues, we designed simple to use tools, such as the wheels, C-5 program that are widely used in industry in the management of emergencies offshore. We have secured long term contracts in specially developed programs such as the Cold Eye Observation program, culminating in recently winning the 2014 OPITO training providers award last November in Abu Dhabi.

The challenge for any company being at the front of a group is maintaining pole position, we have achieved this so far by not losing sight of our destination, staying focused and committed to our core business and values and constantly evolving with industry change and industry needs.

It has taken a decade of dedicated and committed time to get to where we are at today. A genuine determination to get it done right and it has been a very rewarding process for me personally, it has been made easier by the team that work with me and I would not be here without that support and professional service that they afford me.

Wild Geese now looks towards the next decade of our companies growth through recently becoming a Bumi company, applying for our own PETRONAS license as we speak, ongoing OPITO accreditation submissions in a further 3 programs to be delivered here at our ERSC, an invitation to bid on yet another ECC provisions contract and of course our platinum service provision. This is the ERSC concept, where we have always and continue to offer both Silver & Gold Service in the form of Strategic & Tactic support we now offer Platinum Service where we will support in Operational Response, it is a natural next step for us, and those of you who know anything at all about Emergency & Crisis Management can appreciate fully what we have done here and more importantly how challenging it is to maintain this high level of capability and competency.

We also accept that this process requires a collaboration of similar supporting groups, and we look forward to working with our new alliance partners, such as SOS (for all Oil Spill Response activities), Funky Tree (crisis media management related activities), BOSH (medical services to offshore industry) & Offshore Security Consultancy, who will be represented in our phase two extension very shortly across the passage way behind you. We want to succeed in offering a truly integrated service center under the one roof.

I would like to extend my appreciation to Enquest who took on our Platinum service (our first Platinum client) and welcome others who may be interested in what this service offers, as the price of oil plays heavily on what we have available to spend, we must also take into consideration the quality of the service we are providing. Our service is cost recoverable, we are proud to be the first in the region, we are here to stay, this is what we do and we do it quite well, by letting us do what we know best we afford you the luxury of doing what you do best, again thanks for finding the time to share with us this very special occasion.




November 2014




September & October 2014

The months of September and October has seen the busiest period of Cold Eye Observations in the history of the program with 5 platforms being visited over a two week span. This proud achievement highlights the ‘can do - go anywhere anytime’ attitude we possess at Wild Geese in order to achieve the readiness and training needs of our clients.

The Cold Eye Observation Program continues to gain much interest and prove itself as a completely mobile and flexible in-house training option for Emergency Response and Management teams offshore. Offshore Platforms and Support Vessels alike are discovering how valuable such an ongoing program is to maintaining a state of readiness.

A collage of images from recent visits is contained below…




September 2014

Wild Geese, are proud to announce that we have recently won a contract to provide total ECC support to Enquest (EQ) here in Malaysia, this is a very specialized contract as it sees The Wild Geese Group as the second only in the industry globally to provide a total Emergency Management & Support Services solution to an oil & gas production/operating company.

We are excited about working with EQ as well as accepting the challenges that lie ahead of us in the next two years and look forward to offering a similar service to other Oil & Gas operating companies here in the region.

For more details on what we can offer in the form of a single source service provider in Emergency Response & Management please contact us directly, we have the facility, the staff, the track record, we can definitely support your needs in providing a seamless operation in ER/EM.

In addition to our ECC going live for EQ we congratulate our alliance partner WGS Thailand (David) on the successful signing of the partnering agreement with MOGIT. We look forward to the OPITO accreditation process running smoothly and OPITO OIM/MEMIR accredited training programs being available in the new year 2015.




August 2014

David Buck & I caught up in Malaysia at our KL office to conduct a public ICS workshop including Crisis Communications Social Media. Whilst we were together we also put the finishing touches on our franchise agreement to setup in Thailand under the directorship of David in alliance with MOGIT.

The public ICS course ran very well with good outcomes and positive feedback, this was the first non-Oil & Gas ICS program we have run since the renovations of our training rooms and the first for our Social Media expert Sue to integrate her knowledge into our training curriculum.

We will be promoting our services at the up and coming COSH exhibition later this month. Next stop is to go to our other ICS center in Terengganu and introduce our Thailand Owner, Operator to our other alliance partners. “Bringing the flock into formation”





July 2014

On the Training & Competency Business Unit we are in the final stages of signing two new business alliances for the conduct and delivery of Incident Command System Training & Assessment to not only Oil & Gas Industry Sector Operators but the Construction & Aviation Industry sectors.

Given the recent unfortunate occurrences in the aviation industry, we now find ourselves being asked to deliver our tried and proven Crisis, Media & Relative Response Management training programs to our new clients.

We have also developed an internal competency development program to ensure that we maintain consistency in delivering internationally accredited training programs.

We have also recently set up our own small business management units to focus on customer relations, administrative support to our alliance partners and accounting compliance within the countries we operate and deliver our services.

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